Blog 13.04.2018

The DofE Buff goes on a Gold expedition

Two open Gold groups recently set out on their expedition to the epic Scottish Highlands and debuted the new expedition accessory – the DofE Buff.

First of all you might be wondering, what is a Buff?

A Buff is a type of headwear or neckwear that can be worn in a number of different ways to provide a high level of comfort, protection and style during outdoor and physical activities.

Micro-fibre Buffs are designed to keep you warm in the cold, and cool when it’s hot.

DofE Buffs raise money for the DofE Charity.

Here’s what the Gold group said about their time in the highlands with their Buffs!

“As I looked around at my teammates, everyone was wearing their Buffs – using them as they pleased, be it as a headband, ear warmer or a scarf. While they’re not going to appear at New York Fashion week any time soon, the Buffs proved to be an essential piece of DofE kit.

Firstly, they were excellent protection against the DofE participants worst nightmare: the midgie. By using the Buffs as a mask, we could brave a journey out of the safety of our tents and cook our dinner, rather than us being dinner for the midgies.

They also proved their use in camp at night. Some people used them while they slept, covering their eyes as if it was an eye mask to keep out the light, or even to keep their heads from freezing.

During the day we all used them in different ways – to tie up our hair and warm our heads. We even used our Buffs to stop us from burning our hands when we accidentally heated up our pot handle and had to take it off the Trangia.

You may laugh at those stupid teenagers who haven’t washed for four days, who are covered in mud and wearing Buffs. However it is us who are really laughing, since not only have we completed our Gold DofE, the Buffs are also cooler than you’ll ever be.

They are comfortable, lightweight, well made and amazingly useful, in even the most unexpected situations.”

Thank you to our participants for wearing and showing their DofE Buff experience!

And another thing…

The Buffs are not just a good item to have for an expedition; they also serve many purposes in everyday life.

“The DofE Buff was really useful. Small and light, it is ideal for DofE.

I used it recently when the heating broke in my tractor. It helped keep my head warm and enabled me to concentrate while hedge cutting.”

Alex Twigger

So, how can I get my own DofE Buff?

  1. Visit the DofE Buff page and add the order to your basket.
  2. If ordering five or more, you will receive a 15% discount.
  3. Enjoy your new DofE Buff whilst knowing all profits are donated to the DofE Charity.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now!