Six ways to celebrate

So, your child has completed their DofE programme... It's a great achievement and one of which they - and you - should be really proud, as only just over half of those who start their DofE achieve an Award.

It's time to celebrate their achievement, and motivate them to do the next level, Silver or Gold, or for them to think about becoming a Leader to help others experience the DofE.  Here's a few ideas that parents have told us have helped them celebrate their childrens' achievements...

Dine out in style

Going out for a meal can be a great occasion for a family celebration. It doesn't have to be an expensive time - look out for vouchers, or for companies that offer two-for-one restaurant deals.

Party time

Get together with the families of your child's friends, especially those they did their expedition with, and have a house party, picnic or barbecue to give them a chance to reminisce and remember the fun they had doing their DofE. Check out our website to find great deals on restaurants and days out.

Expedition route remembered

Go for a drive or cycle to wherever they had their expedition so they can show you where they went. Go for a walk along a bit of the trail and have a picnic, pub lunch or a cuppa in that lovely café they weren't allowed to stop off in!  Find some discounted nights away offers from our partners here.

Create a photobook

Get them to send you a selection of photographs of them doing their DofE - not just the expedition.  Get them to ask their friends and Assessors, Leaders etc. to send them pics that feature your child. Then, use an online photobook creation service to create a permanent memory of their DofE. There are lots of free photobook apps available (you just pay postage) so this need not cost more than a few pounds.

Create a blog post

They can share their fun by uploading their DofE photographs to a blog, and record what they did for each section, their thoughts on their experience and what it meant to them.  They'll need to get the permission of anyone pictured with them for this of course.

Buy a DofE hoodie

The DofE Achievers range of garments is exclusively available to DofE Award holders. Reward your child with a hoodie or polo shirt from The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Achievers range. Find out more here.




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