This is Youth 2023 has shone a light on the amazing things that young people do through The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) charity to inspire and encourage others. It also highlighted the unrivalled commitment, passion and innovation of the adults who support young people and power the DofE. Each DofE journey is unique – and every person is making a difference. Norrie introduced the DofE at Auchenharvie Academy over 20 years ago,

“It gives me a lot of pleasure to see all these pupils that leave the school who have taken part in the Auchenharvie DofE programme being successful, whether that’s getting great jobs, doing well at college or university. Knowing how well they’re doing is the biggest pleasure I get out of my job.” – Norrie, Torchbearer of the Year

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    Meet Norrie
    Read more about Norrie, the Exceptional Service: Torchbearer of the Year winner.
    This is Youth 2023
    Dive into the inspiring stories behind the DofE with our This is Youth 2023 winners.

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