Supporting DofE delivery


  • eDofE was relaunched as version 3 to provide a comprehensive tool for Managers and Leaders, plus their administrative staff, to keep track of their participants’ progress. DofE participants benefit from an enhanced, simpler-to-use tool for tracking their DofE progress. A mobile-friendly version for participants was developed and launched and was extremely well received.


  • We built a new shop within eDofE, linked to DofE Managers’ accounts. This shop sells DofE-related items, such as programme support materials, books and souvenirs.  It is easier to use and enables Licensed Organisations to purchase items through their eDofE accounts .


  • 2015/16 has been another busy year for Approved Activity Providers (AAPs), with a record 35,670 participants using an AAP for one of their sections. The portfolio of AAPs has risen further, with 68 new providers coming on board in the last year.  The Residential and Volunteering sections experienced the most significant growth with the number of Volunteering AAPs almost doubling.  2016/17 will see the launch of Physical and Skill section AAPs which will help to further broaden the number of different activities available to participants.  It is anticipated that the first Physical and/or Skill section AAPs will be licensed in the autumn.  Our Opportunity Finder enables Leaders and participants to access a wide range of training and sectional opportunities.




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