news 23.10.19

New Expedition Guides and Handbooks available from DofE Shop

Following the new guidance for Bronze level expeditions, the new 20 Conditions and a number of other updates made to the DofE programme over the past couple of years, the Handbook for DofE Leaders and Expedition Guide have now been updated to reflect these changes. These include:

– Updated age requirements, to reflect the change that participants may be able to start their Bronze Award in the school year in which their peer group turn 14, and their Silver in the school year in which their peer group turn 15.
– Information about the new Welcome Pack process, and DofE app, and
– Information about the use of indoor accommodation

Both resources also have a fresh look and feel, in line with our updated brand guidelines.

Please note that there is no requirement to replace your current versions with the new editions. However, copies of both books can be purchased through DofE Shop.

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