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Seven things the DofE did for my children

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Three of David’s children have either completed or are part-way through their DofE programmes and are now at university or work. Here, he tells us how he believes the DofE has affected his children positively.

1. Social skills

J has always been fairly shy by nature. Doing his DofE allowed him to mix with others and he soon started enjoying socialising by being part of a Dungeons and Dragons group at home for his DofE and then at university, and also joined another society there. He’s now much more outgoing and confident and I’m sure it was the DofE that encouraged him to integrate, relax and socialise more.

2. Confidence

O has just finished university and is now working for the NHS Test and Trace service whilst job hunting. Doing his DofE allowed him to feel confident in finding his way to the different test centres and is more than happy talking to strangers and reassuring them every day, whilst presenting authoritative advice. His DofE gave him the chance to learn how to communicate clearly and efficiently and have confidence in himself.

3. Adaptability

C had to change her activities twice due to the COVID-19 restrictions. This has shown her that if you have a goal in sight, there will always be a way to overcome the obstacles that may get put in your way. She used the #DofEWithADifference website to help her discover alternative activities and learn how to be flexible and not just admit defeat when a barrier appears.

4. Looking wider

O really enjoyed his expeditions and residential through the DofE. It broadened his horizons from our usual ‘staycation’ holidays in England and, after completing his DofE, spent two months volunteering on a conservation project overseas.

5. Positions of responsibility

C took on the role of Physics Society president at school. I’m sure she wouldn’t have done that before she did her DofE as she used to be fairly introverted. Being a volunteer at Beaver Scouts helped her to talk confidently in front of people and get them to join in with activities. The society experience at school encouraged her to secure a place at her chosen university to study astrophysics.

6. Something to talk about

J found that, due to his DofE activities, he had four completely different activities to talk about on his personal statement for his university application. Before DofE it would probably have been just ‘watching films’ and ‘socialising with friends’. Post-DofE it’s ‘helping the community by delivering shop-ping to self-isolating vulnerable people’, ‘training for a couch to 5k run’ and ‘building bird boxes and planters from wood to sell for charity’.

7. Organisation skills

O was never the most organised boy at school – we always seemed to be organising his diary and prompting him to do things. Doing his DofE meant he had to plan and organise his time better as he really wanted to achieve his Awards. This then influenced his schoolwork and exam preparation to good effect. Now the only thing we have to prompt him for is remembering family birthdays!

How do you think the DofE has affected benefitted your child? We’d love to hear your comments for possible future promotional materials. Tell us here.

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