Award Verifier training course

The Award Verifier (AV) training course equips Award Verifiers with the necessary DofE programme and practical knowledge to confidently meet the purpose of the role, execute key tasks and ultimately deliver high quality Award Verification in eDofE.

The Award Verifier training course covers:

– the purpose of the Award Verifier role, the key relationships they need to maintain and the resources available to support their role.

– eDofE, including how participants use it to complete their programme.

– programme requirements of the DofE and know how to use eDofE to check they have been met.

– what evidence is required to approve an Award and what makes a good Assessor’s Report.

– how to use eDofE to practically deliver key Award Verifier tasks.

– how to apply course learning to their own role and create an action plan for future development.

This course is aimed at new and existing Award Verifiers and who require refresher training.

No experience is required in advance of the course. Delegates will achieve a certificate on completion of the training.

AV training course FAQs
AV pre-requirements

Complete the e-induction, for an overview of the DofE, the programme and roles involved.

Complete the Introduction to the Award Verifier e-Learning, for an introduction to the Award Verifier role and key tasks.

On completion of both the e-induction and IttAV e-learning modules, you can apply to attend an AV training course. If you apply to attend the course before completing the pre-course modules we will request there are completed before you are approved to attend. 

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