Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme

The DofE’s Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme (EAAS) is the national training route to becoming an accredited DofE Expedition Assessor. The scheme outlines the steps required to be eligible for the Expedition Assessor role and is mandatory for individuals intending on assessing DofE expeditions.

Route to accreditation

Some of the benefits of being an accredited Expedition Assessor include:

– achieving a nationally recognised DofE accreditation and Expedition Assessor’s ID card;

– receiving a DofE card giving you a discount of 15-20% at GO Outdoors, Blacks, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors and Tiso in-store and online;

– joining DofE’s Assessor Directory

Route to accreditation

There are several mandatory steps towards achieving accreditation. These steps are not all linear and could be completed in any order e.g. you can register with an LO/AAP before completing the Expedition Assessor and Supervisor Training Course. An individual’s progress on these steps can be checked at any time under Training ‘My Expedition Assessor accreditation’ section in their eDofE account.

1. Complete the Expedition Assessor and Supervisor Training Course and knowledge check

– Before applying to attend the EASTC, complete the eInduction and Introduction to the Expedition Section and Roles pre-course learning modules online at DofETraining.org.

– Apply to attend the EASTC on the Opportunity Finder or on Local Noticeboards.

– Successfully complete the EASTC Knowledge Check online module. When the course is complete, access to the knowledge check is available on eDofE/My Expedition Assessor Accreditation.

2. Request accreditation

– Applications for accreditation must be sponsored by an organisation. Usually this is the LO/AAP you currently work for but does not have to be. An LO/AAP sponsors the individual by initially registering them as a Trainee Assessor with their organisation.

How does an LO register an assessor?

– The Trainee Assessor must then complete all the steps outlined on the route to accreditation. Once all the steps are complete, they will be able to request accreditation.

How does an assessor request accreditation?

– The sponsor LO/AAP needs to make the declaration that the applicant has satisfied the safeguarding and competence check required by their organisation. Once the ‘Route to Accreditation’ is shown as complete (all green ticks) the applicant can apply for accreditation and a confirmation email, with a PDF for the assessor card, will be sent automatically.

How does a Primary affiliation approve an Assessor’s request for accreditation?

– The sponsor LO/AAP submits the approved application to the Accreditation team at this stage.

The route to accreditation must be completed within 2 years of completing the EASTC.


Accreditation normally lasts for five years. Expedition Assessors wishing to continue in the role will be notified by email six months before their accreditation is due to expire.

To be eligible for reaccreditation, active Expedition Assessors will be asked to complete a knowledge check about the assessor role. This knowledge check is based on common scenarios that assessors often encounter. This should only take 12-15 minutes and is a better way of promoting quality.

The process to apply to be reaccredited is accessed through eDofE under Training and My Expedition Assessor Accreditation.

How does an assessor request reaccreditation?

Opportunity Finder

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