Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme

The DofE’s Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme (EAAS) is the national training route to becoming an accredited Expedition Assessor. Complete the EAAS if you wish to assess DofE expeditions.

The benefits of being an Accredited Expedition Assessor:

– have a clear understanding of your role and responsibilities as an Expedition Assessor.

– increase your knowledge of the Expedition section.

– have the opportunity to network with other Expedition Assessors.

– achieve a nationally recognised DofE accreditation and Expedition Assessor’s ID card.

– receive a DofE Card, which gives you a discount at five great retailers.

– have been trained to assess in a variety of situations and locations across the UK.

The EAAS trains and accredits people who want to assess Bronze, Silver and Gold expeditions in the UK.

EAAS pre-requirements

There are a number of steps towards achieving accreditation:

1: Application

Those applying to attend an EAAS training course (see the Opportunity Finder) must be at least 18 years old. They will need to complete the DofE’s online e-induction training module and have the letter of completion.

Enter e-induction

2: Pre-course learning

Complete the Introduction to the Expedition and Roles pre course learning.

Enter EAAS

3: Expedition and Supervisor Training Course

Complete a one day course covering all aspects of the roles and responsibilities of Expedition Assessors and Supervisors. For forthcoming EASTC training courses please visit the Opportunity Finder.

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4: Registration and Accreditation

After completing the EASTC course, Trainee Assessors must register with a LO/AAP/Network. This can be done through accessing your eDofE account (that you used to book on to your EASTC course) and requesting registration and completing the information required. For those unable to do this electronically a paper based form is available.



Moving Between LO/AN/AAPs

Assessors who move their assessment registration from one LO/AN/AAP to another (e.g. when moving to a different part of the country), or who wish to assess for multiple LO/AN/AAPs

EAAS registration form

The Expedition Assessors registration form (EAAS/12) was introduced in December 2012 in order to ensure that:

– all Expedition Assessors are positively linked to any organisation they assess for. Assessors must be accredited with or registered to every organisation
assess for (Expedition Assessors cannot be ‘freelance’).

– Licensed Organisations (LOs) are made aware that they are responsible for any Assessor who assesses expeditions for them.

– Expedition Assessors (and LOs) are aware they do not assess for the DofE directly, unless they are a Network Assessor, they assess for the LO.

– LOs have suitable insurance and other procedures available to cover Assessors. By signing the EAAS/12 LOs are confirming that they are responsible for the
Expedition Assessors whilst they are assessing on their behalf.

Download EAAS registration form

DofE Managers/AAP Managers:

Please ensure that all Assessors who assess for you have completed an EAAS/12 in time for their next assessment with you.

Expedition Assessors:

If you assess for more than one LO (or think you might assess for them at some point), fill out an EAAS/12 for each one and send to the DofE Manager, AAP Manager or Assessor Network Co-ordinator.

Opportunity Finder

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