Expedition Supervisor Training Course

The course is not accredited as each Licensed Organisation (LO)/Approved Activity Provider (AAP) is responsible for accrediting their own Supervisors and this will be dependent on local requirements.

The Expedition Supervisor training course covers:

– understanding the role of the Expedition Supervisor, Assessor and other adults involved in the delivery of the Expedition section.

– understanding the process of remote supervision.

– understanding the importance of emergency procedures.

– understanding the duty of care held by an Expedition Supervisor.

An Expedition Supervisor must have a good level of knowledge in three areas:

– DofE knowledge; including a full understanding of the requirements of the Expedition section and the importance of remote supervision.

– technical skills; including skills in the method of travel, navigation, camp craft and first aid.

– people skills; including the ability to work well with both young people and other adults in a supportive manner.

This training course only covers the first of these areas. Licensed Organisations/AAPs will need to ensure that potential Expedition Supervisors have the other appropriate skills.

ESTC pre-requirements

To ensure that those attending the Expedition Supervisor training course are able to gain the maximum benefit there are a number of pre-requirements:

– have completed the DofE’s e-induction and have a ‘Letter of Completion’.

– have been approved by their Licensed Organisation/AAP to attend the course

– have sufficient technical competence to undertake the practical elements of the course i.e. basic navigation and campcraft skills.

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It is the responsibility of each Licensed Organisation/AAP to ensure that all those supervising expeditions are competent to do so and the Expedition Supervisor training course plays an important role in this process.

Each Licensed Organisation/AAP will authorise Supervisors in a slightly different way which may include:

– mentoring through a supported expedition

– accreditation of technical skills

– local courses and support.

Approval for Expedition Supervisors

There is no DofE accreditation scheme for Expedition Supervisors; it is the responsibility of the Licensed Organisation/AAP to approve Expedition Supervisors, taking into account their technical competence, knowledge of the DofE and their ability to work with young people and any relevant safeguarding checks.

The DofE Expedition Supervisor training course (ESTC) gives Licensed Organisations/AAPs a means by which to gauge the level of training that an individual has received.

Existing Expedition Supervisors

Existing Expedition Supervisors who are approved by their Licensed Organisation/AAP have no need to attend this course unless they would like to receive refresher training. However, if they have not previously attended a course and they move Licensed Organisation/AAP, that LO/AAP may ask for evidence of the training that they have received.

New Expedition Supervisors

All Licensed Organisations/AAPs can use the ESTC to train staff to the standards of the Modular Training Framework. For those Leaders undertaking the role of an Expedition Supervisor within an LO/AAP the ESTC fulfils all of the DofE requirements, with regards to the elements of remote supervision and knowledge of the DofE Expedition section.

It is still the responsibility of the Licensed Organisation/AAP to ensure that Expedition Supervisors meet their technical requirements and are an appropriate person to work with young people. Some Licensed Organisations/AAPs may make attendance at an ESTC a compulsory part of their approval process.

Licensed Organisations and AAPs using the ESTC will be able to use this to demonstrate they are meeting the conditions of their licence.

Transference of Expedition Supervisor status

Whilst the certificate of attendance at an ESTC has currency across all Licensed Organisations/AAPs within the DofE, Expedition Supervisor status may not be transferable as each OA/AAP will set their own technical and safeguarding requirements which must be met.

Bronze level expeditions

Bronze level expeditions have the option of one individual performing both the Expedition Supervisor and Expedition Assessor role. The individual performing both roles must have completed the DofE’s EAAS course and be an accredited Assessor. They must also fulfil the LO’s or AAP’s requirements to supervise expeditions.

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