Modular Training Framework

In order to guide our trainers and help volunteers understand what skills they can expect to gain, we have created the DofE’s Modular Training Framework (MTF). The MTF has a wide range of flexible, relevant and high quality training opportunities. Download an MTF training flyer here.

The framework identifies several modules of potential training. There is no set method of how these are delivered – this will vary depending on demand and delivery capacity in your area.

MTF Course Directors and Tutors

MTF Courses are delivered by approved Course Directors and Course Tutors, on behalf of a DofE Region/Country or representing some Licensed Organisations.

Each MTF course has specific requirements for potential Course Directors and Tutors, with the following outlining the skills and experience needed:

Expedition Assessor and Supervisor Training Course (EASTC)

Introduction to the DofE (IttDofE)

DofE Leadership Programme

We welcome applications from suitably qualified trainers. Contact your DofE Region/Country Office in the first instance to enquire further.

For information about delivering the Award Verifier and DofE Expedition Skills courses, contact your DofE Region/Country Office to request further information.

Training opportunities

For forthcoming national training opportunities visit our Opportunity Finder.

Opportunity Finder

To find out more about local training opportunities in your area, please contact your Licensed Organisation, or visit your DofE Regional/Country Office’s noticeboard.

Opportunity Finder

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