The value of the DofE

The DofE helps you develop crucial skills like leadership, teamwork and resilience, which are sought after in today’s job market. Young people overcome a number of challenges to earn a DofE Award and employers are keen to hear more about how your DofE experiences translate into work ready attributes.

We recently surveyed 500 UK employers to find out what they really think about young recruits and how you could use your DofE Award to stand out when applying to jobs or at interview.
Some businesses also offer the opportunity to work towards a DofE Award to young staff. Grace from Heathrow shares her eight ways the DofE will make you more successful at work, for those who have the chance to take part.

Interested in seeing which employers offer the DofE? Login to the Lifezone with your eDofE account to find out more about businesses running the DofE.

Employability Infographic DofE

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