Gareth Southgate clapping

"Over the last few weeks, the England football team's World Cup success has inspired the country. We've seen Gareth Southgate grow into his leadership role as a manager with a calm confidence and composure. Earlier on, some may have seen Gareth's calmness as lacking strength and enthusiasm, as calmness is not a trait traditionally associated with football leadership, yet as the competition has gone on, his approach is being admired and he has become the nation's hero.

Gareth Southgate is in a wonderful position where he can influence a new generation of young leaders and portray a new image of what it means to be a leader. He shows that working as a team; recognising strengths and weaknesses and confidence in communicating can really be incredibly beneficial to succeeding - all important attributes young people gain through their DofE Award."

Peter Westgarth, Chief Executive of the DofE

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