Thirlmere Road Closure – Cumbria

The west road of Thirlmere is currently closed due to a severe wind blow event at the beginning of March, this road has several car parks along it that are regularly used as meeting and collection points.


The road closure has been put up on the county council website and the LDNP website, it has also been in several local papers however inevitably if you haven’t looked at any of these you won’t be aware and so the first time you find out is when you arrive on site.

Recently several groups arrived on the West road and were stuck between 2 very dangerous sections of wind blow with no alternative than to venture through it.

Please find alternative routes that do not use any of the West road of Thirlmere.

The road closure is currently planned for a 6 month period and may take longer,  so alternatives  will need to be in place at least until October.


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