Alison Salmon

At my school, we had to write an application letter to do D of E because it was so popular. I am so glad I did and was accepted onto the scheme. I worked through Bronze, Silver and Gold and loved every moment of it. It allowed me to experience such a wide variety of activities, learn a vast array of skills and learn to overcome challenges.
Some of the physical sections I did are still things which I enjoy now: I still like to go canoeing and play badminton. I still enjoy cooking which I did as a skill and D of E started my skill of learning BSL which I then went onto gain qualifications in and eventually became a Teacher of Deaf children for part of my teaching career.
The expeditions were my favourite part of the D of E scheme. They were tough and I had awful blisters but they have added to my love of walking and outdoor life. They were really good team-building experiences and character building. You really learn endurance and perseverance when trailing through mud in downpours and fog!
For my Gold Residential section I worked for the National Trust on a working holiday. I enjoyed this so much that I carried on and did other working holidays, where I was to go on and train for leadership of the camps. It was on one of these later holidays that I was assistant leader to the leader who later went on to become my husband! D of E has given me experiences which have led on to my adult hobbies, career choices and even my marriage!
I am forever thankful for the D of E scheme and the fun and challenges I had through it. Thank you.