David Walker

In 2016 I received a thirty year service certificate from our Patron and Chief Executive. I am a 'second generation' volunteer to the D of E and much of my commitment remains focused towards the expedition element of the Award Scheme, through my volunteering with the Air Training Corps and the RAF Air Cadets.

An expedition still remains the most challenging and lingering memory for most of the participants, whatever their circumstances. I have seen much expended effort, determination and many smiles over the years, even shared one or two with HRH Prince Philip at the Gold Award presentations.

Having camped, walked and stood waiting for groups, in fields, moors, on tracks and on tops of all the higher places, in all weather conditions, I am thankful I have an 'excuse' to be actually outdoors. The scheme does continue to inspire and bring out the 'best' in our young people, shining a light for their lives ahead.