I was introduced to the Award at The President's Award - SOUTH AFRICA For The Youth Empowerment . In my school , Reitumetse High School . I become the Youth Leader in 2020 before the outbreak of Covid 19 .
I embarked on my Bronze Award last year but I couldn't continue with since I was distress with COVID-19 . This year I had to re-do it again as I'm
currently working on my bronze and I'm still the Youth Leader of Reitumetse High School. Even though I come from under resourced background I'm not POOR because POOR means PASSING OVER OPPORTUNITIES IT'S REPEATEDLY I've grown to be a soldier in change and I learnt the art of survival, shared responsibility, service and self-reliance. Since I joined this programme.I always strive to push myself to go over and beyond my call of duty. I challenge people to push beyond their limits and lead by examples, virtues I learnt in the Award. As a Volunteer of the Award I put my best foot forward and take charge of my team.

The award has challenged me with necessarily skills that I don't find in class setting . And also challenged me with to do public speaking of which it was something I was afraid of ; I lacked confidence

The Award equipped me for life. Thank you our Founder for giving us a platform to discover ourselves. A platform to make a difference for ourselves, our communities, our country and the world.

Let us all take after the tenets of the Award and be the change so much needed in the world.
Soldier on HRH, The Duke of