Involvement in the DofE Scheme initiated at Idsall High School in Shropshire by an enthusiastic teacher Mr Shortman. Navigating our way through hills and farmland of the Longmynd led onto wilder more remote settings in midWales then the Lake District. Vaulting gates with a huge frame rucksack, (of course, whilst donning the orange cagoule) to avoid the overfriendly bullocks is a memory which will take a long time yet to fade!
The skills section for me was quite demanding and required endurance through various craft projects and the volunteering in local hospitals confirmed that I would never commit to an office job (yet also steered me away from the nursing profession too!) Helpful career insight gained and appropriate choices made!

The personal skills I gained and the fun expedition adventures I recall fondly, were major factors in my choice to later become a teacher to facilitate the same opportunities for even more school children. Now, alongside the administration role and managerial role of the DofE program in a very successful school, I continue to enjoy ventures along the Great Glen or through the Yorkshire Dales & Moors with our teenagers. Their willingness and commitment to giving their time back to community projects through their volunteering sections is inspirational, regaining the good publicity of children's good attitude in society.