Maninder Massan

My secondary school announced that application to partake in this were open. The title alone had me intrigued. I was keen and excited however my family wasn’t in a financial position to allow me this desperate luxury I craved. My mother some how, on her part time salary, read the information and gave me the money to participate in my Bronze award.

For me the most exciting, was the expedition! Something no one in my family had done nor experienced.
The mapping of our journey, the gear needed to survive and thrive and then the hard work of execution!

Three days of pure bliss. A journey beyond literal sense, an emotional and self preservation account which has forever been an achievement I have held dear and with pride.

A piece of HRH has forever cemented within my heart and soul and I am thankful to his immense contribution. One which touched my world, my life and indirectly my history throughout life thus far.

Thankyou Sir.