Naomi Johnston

I was pushed into doing the DofE award scheme by my parents but I’m so glad! I made some great memories and discovered what I was truly capable of! I remember the Sunday evening after finishing my bronze practice expedition and not being able to walk because I was in that much pain, fast forward to now I love being out in the fells walking and we’re aiming to complete all 214 wainwright’s!
I’ve grown up with long term health issues but that was never an issue for my DofE leaders and they supported and encouraged me the whole time! When I told my hospital consultants what I had achieved in the 9 expeditions they were so impressed and shocked at what I was able to do!
Even in times when I was struggling I was always supporting my team mates and I remember on my gold expedition we spent the whole final day singing to help ourselves get through!
Doing DofE has created a lifetime of memories and I’m truly grateful for having the opportunity to take part!