Valerie Elizabeth Hague

I was one of the first girls to complete their Bronze, Silver and Gold Award in the Stockport, Cheshire area , we had to complete the Gold by age 20. Our Award officer was Edith Millward, who encouraged hundreds of young people over many many years. Girls did not have to do the Expedition when I did mine - just a Worthwhile Project. I had the most fantastic week working on a fruit farm picking, grading fruit and taking it to the market, I also helped look after the three young daughters of the farmers. We had to arrange all our own public transport to and from everything we did, parents were not encouraged to transport us about. I loved everything about the Award. When my children were school age, I volunteered at the Dialstone Open Award Center, Stockport for many years, another Gold holder, Rosemary Murray was a volunteer and we were often asked to provide refreshments for many different occasions. - Presentations, meetings, outdoor training weekends where we prepared the food for the weekends. My three children have all done the award, our youngest daughter Amy, had her Gold Award presented by HRH Prince Edward while she was living in New Zealand.. I am happy to say that two of our granddaughters are now doing their Bronze Award.
I even asked a nurse, when coming round after an operation "If she was with the D of E?" such was my involvement with the Award.