Steve Campbell

I received my gold award in 1974 through Peckham Manor School, one of the first of 2 pupils to receive their gold awards at the school. It was a very proud moment for me and Mum from South London to be at the Palace to meet Prince Philip. During my award I worked in a PHAB club, which supported disabled and non-disabled young people to make more of life together. The award experience led me to pursue youth work as a part time career.

In 1977 I joined the Golds Working Party (GWP), Prince Philip’s initiative to encourage Gold Award holders to continue supporting the Scheme after completing their award. This has been a long and enjoyable association that has seen several GWP organised events over many years and we continue to meet socially today. In 1979, I was one of five very lucky young people who had been selected to represent the UK at the 4th Gold Award’s International Project in Australia. It was a fantastic adventure, sharing common interests and making lifelong friends; Gerald Black, Alasdair Seale, Patricia Clydesdale and Amanda Summerhayes.

During the Award Scheme's 25th anniversary, I was part of the GWP group that presented Prince Philip with leather-bound books containing the signatures of Golds from all over the world. In October, 2005 I was very privileged to meet Prince Philip again for the Award scheme’s 50th anniversary and again, on the occasion of the 500th Duke of Edinburgh's Award presentation, October 2013. I was invited to take part in a special photo shoot with Prince Philip, representing the 1970’s.

My long association with the Award scheme has been very rewarding and challenging. It will really help to build your self-esteem and give you a lifetime of memories. On the occasions I met Prince Philip he was always very enthusiastic to hear your experiences with genuine interest and his encouragement was very sincere and supportive.