Peter Allan

I started my DofE journey in the North West on 20th Jan 1960 at my Secondary School. Completing the Bronze in July 1960 and the Silver Award in July 1961, before moving to West Sussex in 1961. to continue the Gold scheme. As part of the Expedition I joined John Disley's outward bound course in Snowdonia in July 1962, for the over 60 miles of rough terrain around Snowdon. I completed all aspects of the Gold Award and becoming the first Gold Award attained in West Sussex in 11th May 1965., which was presented by The Duke of Richmond and Gordon at Goodwood House in West Sussex, and then by the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace.
I found the award gave me added confidence in my working life and the ability to grasp every opportunity life threw at me, and to enjoy life to the full. With this sense of adventure I managed to sail on the maiden voyage of The Winston Churchill Sail Training Ship.
For my pursuits I completed sailing courses and as a hobby I continued into later life, and as for the expeditions I have completed many long distance walks.
From my experiences I passed the get up and go onto my children, My daughter completing the Clipper round the world challenge, and my son being an active scout member.
A proud holder of the Gold Award.