Suzanne Hodgetts

When I was in the Rangers I worked my way through the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme from bronze and silver to gold.

Planning and leading the expeditions were the most challenging activities but the ones that have shaped my life the most as they required good organisational skills and gave me confidence in my abilities and a love of travelling.

I completed my service section by helping with my Guide Unit in Buckinghamshire, and I never really stopped! When I moved to Birmingham to get married, I soon found the local Guide Unit and have been guiding ever since.

I treasure the memory of going to Buckingham Palace to be presented with my Gold Award. My parents came with me. We were put into groups and the Duke wandered round each group. He asked me where I did my Gold Award, and when I replied that I did it at Rangers, he joked that it sounded like a football team! I am very proud of that brief conversation I had with the Duke, and of being part of such an amazing scheme.