Blog 1 June 2019

Five ways to increase your January motivation

January. What a month. After the exciting festive build-up, when the decorations are back in the loft, New Year’s celebrations feel like a distant memory and daylight is scarce, it’s no wonder that we find it hard to get motivated.

Reading inspirational quotes on Instagram will only get you so far; you need to make those sentiments happen and seize, not just the day, but the year.

Here’s how…

1. Think positive
Keeping positive thoughts front of mind can help spin a notoriously dismal month into a good one. Identify all the positive things in your life. Being optimistic and feeling grateful are well known ways to get happy.

2. Set goals
Setting yourself tangible goals for the year will help you focus. What do you want to achieve? By when? Mapping out your DofE programme plans is a great place to start.

3. Keep active
When you exercise, you produce endorphins aka feel-good chemicals. Fact. So keeping active with your DofE physical activity will help to keep your spirits up.

4. Get outside and do something
We’re all guilty of bunkering in, in January. Who wants to go outside when it’s likely to be cold and rainy? But rather than starting that new Netflix series, get outside, take a deep breath and feel energised. Going on long walks can be good prep for your DofE expedition.

5. Believe in yourself
You are amazing. Yes, you are. Believing that you’re capable of anything will give you the confidence to take on 2019 and make it your most successful year yet, with achieving your DofE Award a highlight!

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