Please check out the below FAQs before getting in touch with us.

I would like to start my DofE programme but my school doesn’t offer it. Could I start it with a National Operating Authority?

Yes, but you will need to get in touch with the local group for your chosen NOA and enrol directly with them. It’s worth bearing in mind every NOA will have their own membership requirements and you will be expected to take a full part in their own programmes, not just DofE.

I’ve not received my Bronze/Silver certificate or badge

Bronze and Silver certificates are produced at a local level and you will need to contact your Leader. If you are having trouble contacting your Leader, please get in touch with your Licenced Organisation.

I have lost my badge/certificate, could I have a replacement?

For Bronze and Silver, please contact your organisation in the first instance for replacements. For Gold, please provide [email protected] with your full name as it was when you undertook the award, your DOB and eDofE number.

I completed my DofE some time ago, and would like to look up my records

We only have a comprehensive record of participants from 2014; older records will need to be enquired about with the organisation you completed your DofE programme with.

I have a complaint about a National Operating Authority

You MUST have followed the complaints procedure for the NOA in question before contacting us, as we can only review cases that have exhausted the NOA’s complaints procedure. We can also only advise on DofE matters.

I need some help with eDofE

Please contact the eDofE helpdesk here: [email protected]  You can also use the purple support button on eDofE for ‘how to’ articles or watch walkthrough guides on the DofE’s YouTube channel.