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U:Bee Online – Comic Collecting and Appreciation – 3 month Online Course

DofE Three-Month Skills Section Course: Comic Collecting

Superheroes rule the world—well, in comics, they do!

Join our Comic Collecting Course: Delve into the world of superheroes and comic conventions, tracing the history of comics from their humble beginnings in the 1930s.

Learn about valuable titles, starting your collection, comic art appreciation, and grading quality. This course is ideal for art enthusiasts, collectors, and fans of film and TV series. It offers an insight into the captivating world of comics.

At the end of the course, you will receive your U:Bee Completion Certificate and Assessor’s Report ready for you to complete your skills section.

U:Bee Online offers courses aligned with the DofE Award, fulfilling skill section requirements at Bronze and Silver levels.

Material is delivered over three months, promoting self-research and practice. Enrolees receive all necessary information for their e-DofE, with an Assessor’s Report and Completion Certificate upon finishing.

Courses are cost-effective, providing free resources.

Participants must be 13+, with parental consent if under 16.

Enrolment starts immediately.

Always confirm course suitability with leaders or teachers.

Visit www.ubee.org.uk for more information and FAQs.

Contact us via email: [email protected]

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