Everything you need to know

Find everything you’ll need to make your expedition the best ever right here! What you’ll need, where to find it, plus our recommendations on how to prepare. Discover your spirit of adventure and get inspired by our range of expedition resources helping you and your team to plan, train and complete an adventurous self-sufficient journey. 

Expedition Kit List

Use our Expedition Kit List to plan what you need for your expedition. Remember, it is just a guide – don’t pack it if you don’t need it!

Expedition Kit Guide

Whether you are doing a Bronze, Silver or Gold DofE Award, this guide is just a summary; the best place you can get advice is from your DofE Expedition Supervisor, who will check your kit.

Expedition Resources

We’ve put everything you might need to know about the different aspects of your expedition onto simple posters. Use these to help prepare for your expedition.

Where to buy your kit

Discover the best places to buy your kit – and don’t forget to use your DofE Card, you can save at least 10% and often up to 40% – plus every purchase generates a donation to the DofE charity.

Don’t forget your socks!

Bridgedale socks are a vital part of your kit – keep your feet warm, dry, comfortable and protected throughout your DofE adventures.


Locate and track your groups using the Spot Gen4 Trackers

Knowing the where, when, speed of a group and ability to get assistance when there is no mobile phone signal provides essential safety information and emergency response.


Adventure on the Dorset coast!

Choose between our residential centre or tented village on the stunning Jurassic Coast. Action-packed programmes, outdoor adventure activities and unique opportunities.


Open Gold Residential Kielder Northumberland

Set in the heart of Kielder Forest Northumberland, in partnership with Forestry England. Includes conservation, restoration and team building tasks!