British brand, Lifeventure, has designed and manufactured products for over 25 years to enable travellers to experience new cultures, see the sites, broaden horizons and explore every corner of every continent, in security and comfort.


What do you do?

Whether going solo or in a group, it is vital you have reliable and practical accessories by your side. As a team that experience wanderlust on a frequent basis, Lifeventure knows how to make kit that is fit for purpose. You can rest assured that these products will fulfil their function, no matter how harsh an environment you find yourself in. Every product is specified to the highest standards. Functionality, reliability and style are all key considerations and the team continually work to perfect these three elements.

Whether you’re heading out on an adventure holiday, gap year, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition, or just stepping out your front door, Lifeventure is with you every step of the way.

Why do you work with the DofE?

The DofE as an organisation encourages children to achieve something they often didn’t know they could do.   Whether that be teaching another student maths as a volunteer or climbing Pen Y Fan in the rain, that sense of achievement is something that cannot be bettered.  By helping fund the DofE, we are part of that and it gives us great pride.

We are also very lucky to provide products to use in the outdoors and if we can help more people, through the DofE, love the outdoors then everybody wins.

Further, having the DofE recommendation on our products also gives that stamp of approval that is invaluable.

What do you think the DofE gives to or does for young people?

One word really, confidence.  Confidence to try something new, confidence in their team, confidence when presenting, working, helping, volunteering with or to other people.


For many brands sustainability is a key topic and it certainly is for Lifeventure.  Many of our key products are now made from recycled materials.  We also ensure that these materials are genuinely recycled.  Whether that be a recycled wallet or a recycled travel towel, you can rest assured that we have traced the origins.

Removing all single-use plastics from packaging and reducing packaging as a whole is well on its way, but perhaps the best way to create sustainable products, which is often overlooked, is to ensure they last.

We design our products to last for years and years.  Not great for sales, but perfect for reducing the impact on the environment.  We also make all our Ellipse cookware in the UK.  We then have better visibility of the sourcing of the plastic and know that we are not adding CO2 from shipping.  We are looking to bring more back to the UK where we can.