Blog 08.04.2024

3S Group Tracking Solutions

Expedition season is perhaps the most exciting part of any DofE participant’s year. The opportunity to get out into the wild, camp overnight and trek across various challenging terrains is something that DofE award holders look back on with great pride for the rest of their lives.

This amazing experience is not without risk. Safety is of paramount importance to us here at the DofE and this is why our partnership with 3S Group provides a great deal of reassurance. They are a team highly trained and skilled in moments of crisis.

Why are they the trusted provider of tracking solutions of the Coastguard, Police, Search and Rescue teams and Government agencies?

The accreditation of 3S Group as trusted provider to these organisations is unrivalled and very impressive. You simply do not become the supplier to His Majesty’s Coastguard if you do not provide the best in class.

The team themselves are professionally trained and highly experienced individuals who are actively involved in Search and Rescue all over the UK. This expertise enables a fantastic response time to SOS alerts. Plus, the constant communication between 3S Group, Search and Rescue, and Emergency services can literally save lives!

If you think that the tracking solution seems a bit complicated, then fear not. 3S Group are on hand to provide support and training. They have libraries worth of guidance videos which are easy to understand and love the opportunity to communicate directly with users to walk them through questions they might have.

Ultimately, you can trust the solution. It will pinpoint where your group is and if they are in trouble, it will alert you. Being fully compatible with eDofE and having a route card tool, you can plot your expedition route ahead of time, enabling you to spot if your group have wandered off track! If you are an area with low connectivity, 3S Group have introduced a text messaging service allowing a text to be sent. It generates a reply which will pinpoint the precise location of all of your group’s trackers.

‘The team were called out to a report of an ankle injury in Upper Eskdale. A Duke of Edinburgh’s Award participant had jumped across a small beck and landed awkwardly, leaving him unable to bear weight on his leg. As the team was short on numbers extra support was provided once again by our friends at Duddon and Furness MRT. We wish the young man a speedy recovery and hope he is back on the fell soon.’

As an education tool it is also great, allowing you to plot your routes for pre-Expedition and post-Expedition analysis which can be downloaded and printed off. Routes can be plotted onto an OS Map and drawn up in minutes.

Here at the DofE, we believe that there isn’t an alternative tracking system on the market that does everything the 3S Group tracking solution does. Their expertise and accreditation is second to none. 3S Group don’t only offer a purchase option, they also hire out equipment as well so you can get it when you need it. They really have a solution and payment option to meet every need. For more information click the Contact button at the bottom of this blog post.

3S Group are happy to offer half a day with new Leaders to set up their tracking systems so they can get the most from their partnership from the get-go. This is all part of the personalised service, to ensure systems are correctly set up and leaders are comfortable using all the technology. To  keep up to date with all things tracking related, 3S Group have their own User Group on Facebook. There are safety tips, hints to get the most from your tracking solution, training webinars and special offers. To join, click here.

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The DofE collaborates with approved partners and endorses tracking systems to bolster the safety of expedition teams. It’s important to note that while beneficial, this is not a mandatory requirement and does not replace essential emergency training and competent supervision.