Young people are facing unprecedented challenges, making the DofE more relevant and important than ever. It helps them emotionally and physically.  As the world’s leading youth achievement award, we equip young people aged 14 to 25 with the skills, experience and confidence to successfully navigate adult life.

The DofE builds the character and attitude that research shows businesses prioritise over academic results. No other programme offers the same range of experiences and opportunities.

We need your help to extend the DofE to all young people, from all backgrounds – to benefit both them and the wider community. Our goal is for 350,000 young people to start their DofE per year in the UK by 2021, with 70,000 coming from marginalised backgrounds.

Your support, either as an individual, team or through your business can help us to transform lives in the UK today and tomorrow.


Real life inspiring DofE stories exploring topics like employability, volunteering, overcoming adversity and supporting education.


As a corporate partner, we’ll help thread the DofE through your business to create a true and lasting legacy.

Group of laughing young people sat on the ground


Our calendar of exciting fundraising events has something to suit every adventure.

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