IBM SkillsBuild DofE Assessors Completion Guide  

What is IBM SkillsBuild?

IBM SkillsBuild is a free educational programme that helps students, educators, and adult learners develop the skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow. The programme includes an online platform that is complemented by customised practical learning experiences delivered in collaboration with a global network of partners. Participants can start learning any time on their own with built-in resources for Leaders & Assessors.

DofE participants at every Award Level can use IBM SkillsBuild to complete their Skills section.

Skills section completion guide for DofE Leaders & Assessors

Step 1: Check the participant has uploaded the correct evidence to the eDofE Portal.

You should be able to see the following:

  • Hours Completed
  • Examples of recent learning completions
  • Date of recent completed learning


Step 2: Check if the hours completed (1) matches or exceeds the time required to complete their relevant award.

Step 3: If the evidence matches the above criteria in the screenshots, you may approve the evidence given.

Step 4: Please fill out a personalised Assessors Report for the participant, including a description of the participant’s accomplishments during this particular section. Say how they met their goals, what skill they have developed and mention any memorable things that they accomplished. Please also include the start and end dates between which the young person undertook their activity.

Assessors can make interim checks on their participants’ progress on IBM SkillsBuild. The participant will have to show you their current learning completion hours as demonstrated in the photo below.