Blog 09/11/2023

New expedition Food from Radix

Hot off the press (or out of the kettle) – we are delighted to introduce a new range of expedition food from Radix. Plant based, gluten free, nutritionally balanced and made with premium natural ingredients, Radix food is the newest edition to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Recommended Kit List. Choose from a delicious range of main meals such as Mexican Chilli, Smokey Barbecue or Basil Pesto. Or why not try Mixed Berry, Chocolate, or Vanilla as a dessert or even for breakfast? All you have to do is simply add hot or cold water (whatever you prefer) and enjoy, wherever you are!

Why choose Radix?

We’re always keen for our participants to get the most out of their DofE experience, and useful recommendations are always helpful.  Radix is freeze dried expedition food and a practical and convenient way to eat well while out and about in the great outdoors. It comes in compact, lightweight, durable packaging, making it easy to store and carry in a rucksack so there’s more room for all of the other essentials that are needed for a DofE Expedition. It’s a simple solution to eating outdoors, meaning there’s no need to worry about carrying ingredients and utensils to cook complicated meals. After a long day of hiking, it’s nice to be able to put your feet up and rest easy knowing that the evening ahead is sorted with a hassle-free dinner.

All the nutritional values of each Radix product are listed clearly on the packaging, making it easy to plan out an expedition menu that will ensure plenty of energy and a full stomach!

Walking long distances on an expedition takes up a lot of energy, so ensuring that energy is replenished with high quality food is essential. Radix provides nutritional, high protein food options – Original Meals and Breakfasts which are perfect for eating on the go, as well as Ultra Meals and Breakfasts for more high intensity activities and journeys, such as Gold expeditions.

Taste Testing!

We know how good Radix food is but don’t just take our word for it, we gathered together DofE Participants and Alumni for a taste testing session to see what they think of Radix:

Ruth, Gold Participant: “The taste was yummy and could be enjoyed hot or cold! Would definitely take this on my expedition!” – Blueberry Breakfast

Laura, Gold Participant: “The best! Yummy, filling, lots of flavours, good consistency.” – Basil Pesto

Matthew, Bronze Participant: “Really great taste and texture, super easy to make” – Smokey Barbecue

We’re always eager to ensure that our DofE recommended products are high quality and useful for our participants and leaders. Radix is already receiving plenty of positive feedback! If you’d like to know more about Radix, and even grab some for yourself, check out all the delicious meal options Radix has to offer here.