Blog 02.01.2018

New Year, new plans, new habits

2018 is here! Start the year as you mean to go on with our inspirational New Year’s resolutions and top tips for sticking to them.

The most common New Year’s resolution is to be more active, with a number of people aiming to do something about their health or wellbeing.

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1. Get on your bike

Whether you are cycling for your Physical section, on a bike for your expedition, or want to get more active on your daily commute to school or work – cycling will make you fitter and save you money on travel costs.

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2. Take to the snow

Embrace the cold season and hit the slopes. Skiing is a great way to get a full body workout and gives you the adrenaline rush that is known to give your brain power a short burst and gift a lift to your immune system.

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3. Hit the ground running

Use the power of your own two feet and go for a run this January. Running is cheap, easy and always energetic. Running is great for those who are strapped for time – you only need to run half as long to get the same benefits as other sports

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4. Just go for a walk

Going for a walk is the simplest and easiest way to get more active. It helps you stay fit strengthens your bones and muscles, and improves your mood.

Need some help sticking to your resolutions? Make achieving your goal easier with our top three tips:

1. Make it specific. Instead of saying ‘I’m going to cycle more’, make your goal ‘I’m going to cycle to work/school three days a week’. Having a clear goal in mind will keep you motivated.

2. Be realistic. Instead of saying ‘I’m going to run a marathon in two months’, make your goal ‘I’m going to run 10k by June’. Setting a realistic goal in a manageable time frame will keep you on track.

3. Make it exciting. Instead of saying ‘I’m going to learn to ski’, make your goal ‘I’m going to learn to ski so that I can go on an amazing ski holiday’. An exciting goal will inspire you to keep it up.

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