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Our top ten expedition accessories

Whether you are doing a Bronze, Silver or Gold DofE programme, making sure you’ve got the right kit for your expedition is key.

A good first step is our DofE Expedition Kit Guide, aimed at helping participants and parents understand the needs of kit for their expeditions. Read our Expedition Kit Guide here.

Once you’ve got an idea, use the DofE Expedition Kit List to plan your own. It features tried and tested DofE Recommended Kit which is good value for money and fit for purpose. Download your Expedition Kit List here.

We’ve compiled some great expedition accessories from the Kit List that can help on your expedition.

What’s even better is that you can save at least 10% at our five Recommended Retailers with your DofE Card or Voucher.

1. Lifeventure Dry Bags

It’s important whilst on expedition to make sure that your kit stays dry.

Dry bags help to make sure your rucksack contents don’t get ruined from the rain.

Group and pack kit into separate dry bags to keep everything dry and organised. For example next day’s clothes

Keep your kit dry here.

2. Lifesystems 220 Head Torch

You’ll need a torch in the evenings The Lifesystems 220 Head Torch is an essential item for finding your way at night.

Leaving both hands free will help when it comes to putting boots on, closing your tent and finding kit in your bag.

Find your way in the dark here.

3. Lifesystems Trek First Aid Kit

Make sure you are first aid trained and carrying a good quality first aid kit when on expedition. It should always be prioritised as an essential item.

The Lifesystems Trek First Aid Kit is there when you need it for all burns, cuts and grazes.

Stay safe and get your first aid kit here.

4. Silva Ranger compass

Compass work is a key part of your expedition.

The Silva Ranger compass has been designed with the novice user in mind.

Clear markings and an easy to use bevel makes finding your way around a map easy.

Distance markings help you measure your journey and the 1-2-3 Quick Guide shows you how to use it.

Don’t get lost! Buy your compass here.

5. Nikwax Tech Wash

You shouldn’t wash waterproofs with normal washing powder; it’ll damage the waterproof coating and reduce the effectiveness.

Preparing your kit for rain is essential. To get extra water repellence you can wash and treat your waterproofs using a specialist waterproofing solution

Nikwax Tech Wash won’t damage the material of your clothes so you’ll remain dry and happy whilst out on expedition.

Protect your gear here.

6. DofE Pocket Tool

Ideal for making repairs to equipment and for first aid or emergencies, the DofE Pocket Tool has everything:

round-ended blade (under 3” long), scissors, can opener, wire cutter, stripper, just to name a few.

You can’t go wrong with this all in one tool.

Get your pocket tool here.

7. Silva Large Map Case

What’s worse than not having a map? Having a map you can’t read.

Keep yours clean and dry with the Silva Large map case. Don’t let the possibility of rain or spilling something stop you from getting home.

Protect your map here.

8. Lifeventure Ellipse Mug

The lightweight/ durable Lifeventure Ellipse Mug is perfect for expedition.

Its strong polypropylene material makes it perfect for camping trips and overseas adventures where space and weight saving is essential

Tip: this mug can also be used to help you cook. Mugs can be converted into handy measures by drawing lines in the right places on the inside.

Click here to get your mug.

9. Lifesystems Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

Staying hydrated is very important on expedition, but how do you know your water is safe to drink?

Lifesystems Chlorine Dioxide Tablets purify your water so that it remains clean and disinfected from bacteria and viruses.

Treating up to one litre at a time with little after taste, you can keep your water in a sealed container for up to three days.

Purify your water here.

10. Lifesystems Blister First Aid Kit

Blisters can feel like the end of the world on expedition.

Make sure you’re prepared with the Lifesystems Blister First Aid Kit.

It has everything you need to quickly and effectively treat blistered skin.

Perfect for hiking; long distance walking, or any activity that’s hard on the feet.

Keep your feet blister free here.

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