Blog 28.02.2022 By Nikwax

Sustainable kit care with Nikwax


Nikwax, our expedition kit care partner, has proudly been in partnership with the DofE for nearly ten years. Through our partnership, Nikwax take joy in supporting and helping young people discover, enjoy, and respect the great outdoors.

Enjoyment of our natural environment and environmental responsibility has always been at the core of the Nikwax philosophy which is why our partnership has been so successful.

Nikwax believes caring for the environment is important in everything they do.

CLEAN CHEMISTRY – Nikwax aftercare products are water-based, PFC-Free and solvent free and we have never used aerosols.

CONSERVATION – We partner with conservation organisations to help conserve the natural world we love. We are also active on a local level.

CLIMATE ACTION – Our operational carbon emissions have been offset since 1977 and we have developed a climate action plan to do more.

CIRCULARITY – Nikwax prolongs the life of your gear, helping to reduce environmental pollution, minimise waste and save you money.

Nikwax’s top tips for being more sustainable whilst doing your DofE:

Acting in a sustainable way is arguably no longer a choice but a necessity. Considering small changes you can make whilst doing your DofE can be a great step towards a more sustainable future.

  • When looking to buy expedition kit, a good way to do this sustainably is either purchase second-hand or revitalise and repair existing kit you might have.
  • Prepare food and drink for your expedition with reusable containers and minimise plastic waste.
  • Take any litter home with you and try to recycle your rubbish as best you can.
  • When choosing what to do for your Volunteering, look for opportunities at nature reserves, in rural, urban or coastline conservation, wildlife charities or sustainability organisations. Check out other ways you can focus your DofE programme on the environment on our website

DofE recommended kit from Nikwax:

Tech Wash, cleans your gear and improves breathability

TX.Direct, revitalises the DWR of your waterproof clothing

Footwear Cleaning Gel, cleans and restores the breathability of footwear

Fabric and Leather Proof, restores the DWR of all combination footwear

Nubuck and Suede Proof, restores the DWR of all Nubuck and Suede footwear

Tent and Gear Solarproof, adds DWR and UV protection to tents and backpacks

To learn more about Nikwax and why they partner with the DofE, visit our Nikwax partner page.

Not sure where to start when thinking about kit care? Our kit care page is filled with tips and advice on how you make your expedition kit last longer.