Blog 05.10.2017

The Official DofE Clothing range

What you said, what we’re doing and what’s next

It’s been three years since we launched the Official DofE Clothing range and the ideal time for a review of the range, in anticipation of a new look, new season and a new clothing partner.

We wanted to hear what you thought of the products and service, so we undertook a survey which nearly 350 participants and adults in the DofE network responded to.

We’ve reviewed your comments and are happy to see that we are on the right path. Thanks to your feedback, we have some exciting changes to the DofE clothing range coming in November.

What’s popular?

  • Our top selling item is the Casual hoodie, which doesn’t come as a surprise. The versatile hoodie can be worn all year round and by all ages, whether you are doing your DofE programme, volunteering or just a supporter of the DofE Charity.
  • The second most popular item is the Casual polo shirt, especially with DofE Leaders, worn when supporting groups throughout their programmes.
  • 64% of you personalised your clothing, making it unique to you.

Why were you buying the Official DofE Clothing?

  • 36% to show that you are doing/have done your DofE programme.
  • 35% to wear as uniform when running or supporting your DofE group.
  • 29% as a reward for achieving your DofE Award• 26% to support the DofE Charity.
  • 24% to wear on an expedition.

We think it’s great that there are so many different reasons why people buy DofE clothing, as all purchases generate a donation to the DofE Charity.

Satisfaction guaranteed

  • 92% thought that the quality of the clothing was excellent.
  • 92% said that the ease of purchase was excellent.
  • 90% felt that the personalisation was good quality.

What else did you have to say?

The results and feedback were very positive. We had some comments stating that the quality of the clothing was almost too good (heavyweight/warm) for everyday use, and would like the option of a more basic and less expensive garment, especially for DofE groups and participants.

Many of you asked for more colour options, including some brighter choices.

We also heard that you would prefer men’s and women’s sizing where possible, to cover all shapes and sizes.We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be launching a new DofE Clothing range and website in November, with some great improvements which are all down to you!

What can I look forward to?

Our popular hoodie will now be available in both standard and premium versions, so you can choose the right product for you depending on your needs and budget.

  • We’ll be introducing specific men’s and women’s sizing in hoodies, polo shirts and t-shirts.
  • Most garments will be available in seven colours, keeping the current navy and burgundy options but adding in five exciting new colours.
  • You can now personalise the Achievers range. The Achievers range is exclusively available to those who have completed their DofE programme.
  • Until now, you haven’t been able to add personalisation to Achievers clothing. From November, you’ll be able to make your exclusive Achievers garment exclusive to you too.