Blog 22.03.2018 By Siobhan Cronin

Why should I bother to sign up for more DofE emails!?!?

The new data regulations are being put in place to reduce the amount of unwanted emails. So you are going to be asking yourself the question ‘Do I want to receive emails from this brand, about their product or service?’ on a regular basis.

In a recent survey when asked why they would sign up to receive emails, the highest single reason for actively opting in was to receive deals and special offers, with the second highest to receive news updates.

I work in the DofE’s Commercial Partnerships team and we manage the DofE Reward Card partnership with expedition retailers as well as range of other brand partnerships. With these brands we develop products and promotions that we believe have appeal with the DofE network, and our primary way of telling the DofE network about these is through our ‘DofE Offers’ emails.

So why sign up for our emails…

  • Working with these partners generates income for the DofE Charity and last year our partnership marketing income generated the equivalent value of 32,000 DofE participant places.
  • Who doesn’t want to save money! We have over 30 discount offers currently and just by inputting your discount code, or clicking through the DofEShopping website you can save up to 20% on things like days out, clothing, holidays, camping, technology…
  • We have recently re-launched the DofE Clothing Range and also introduced the DofE Buff (where all profits go to the DofE Charity). You won’t hear about new additions or DofE ‘stuff’ if you don’t sign up.
  • Expedition is often said to be the most expensive part of a DofE Award. The average spend on the DofE Reward Card is £100. Discounts of between 10% and 20% could save card holders £10-25!
  • With our five new DofE Recommended Retailers of Expedition Kit you now have five times the opportunity to keep costs down. We will be working with GO Outdoors, Blacks, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors and Tiso on extra value promotions throughout the year that you can only hear about through our emails.
  • We have fantastic FREE PRIZE DRAWS! Our partners are generous and in the last year we have given away an iPhone, 3x Vango expedition bundles worth £270 and a Forest Holiday worth £800 to name just a few. The number one way you enter these prize draws is by clicking through a DofE Offers email.

With the new data regulations coming in May, all the deals and offers will be in place but we will not be able to tell you about them, unless you opt in. You will still receive DofE programme emails if you are actively involved with the DofE, but new regulations will not allow us to send you expedition kit or offer based emails unless you give us your permission.

No-one wants more emails. But most of us like relevant emails. If you like what you have read above we hope you will want to continue to receive our emails after May. You can of course just press delete, or swipe left, if you find an email is not for you, or unsubscribe for good at any time.

If you have not already signed up, you can do this at