Trangia 25-1UL Stove

Trangia 25-1UL Stove

RRP. £70.00

This extremely practical, lightweight cooking set is perfect for backpackers or hikers, where every gram counts on the move. Using ultra lightweight alloy the Trangia 25-1UL Stove is 21% lighter than the original version. The cooking set is suitable for groups of up to 4 people.


– Meths burner

– Windshield base

– Handle

– Strap

– 2 saucepans (1.75 litres & 1.5 litres)


– Dimensions: 22cm frying pan.

– Weight: 865g.

– Ultralight Aluminium is a lightweight material that conducts heat well and spreads heat quickly and evenly. In addition, the hard surface means that the systems are very resistant to scratching and wear. Ultralight aluminium is 50 % stronger than ordinary aluminium.

– 1.5 litre Ultralight aluminium pan for the Trangia 25 cooker set.

– 1.75 litre Ultralight aluminium pan for the Trangia 25 cooker set.

– 22cm Ultralight aluminium frying pan/lid for a Trangia 25 cooker set.

– The original heat source for a Trangia stove, the complete burner is available as a spare.

– Simmering ring placed over the Trangia meths burner gives a simmering flame, and also used to extinguish the burner.

– Screw cap for Trangia spirit stoves. Can be used for extinguishing the burner , but first remove the rubber washer from inside the cap as this may melt when extinguishing the burner.

– Upper and lower ultralight aluminium windshield for a Trangia 27 stove.

– Replacement or additional Trangia Pan Handle to fit any size of Trangia cook system.

– Strap that holds the cook set together when packed away.