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Adventure Expeditions Bronze Expeditions

Open Bronze Practice and Qualifying Expeditions 2017: Peak District – www.adventure-expeditions.net
Join us and other like-minded individuals in the Peak District to complete your Bronze Practice and / or Qualifying expedition. Our friendly instructors are there to welcome you and support you in both getting to know your team and completing each stage of your expedition. Locations are easily accessible by public transport and information packs are sent out in advance so that you can fully prepare. Ideal for anyone who cannot make their school dates or does not have a team to complete their expedition with.

A warm welcome guaranteed! 4 days, £150.00 including all accommodation and group kit included (or discount to £280.00 if you book both your practice/qualifying expedition). For more information about Adventure Expeditions and full expedition details or to book your place: www.adventure-expeditions.net , email: [email protected] , Tel +44 (0) 1433 651449

Course date:
24th – 26th July 2017, White Peak, Peak District;
7th – 9th August 2017, White Peak, Peak District;
30th Aug – 1st September 2017, Dark Peak, Peak District;
23rd – 25th October 2017, Dark Peak, Peak District.