Blog 10.09.2018

Expedition preparation for DofE Leaders


DofE expeditions provide a unique reason and opportunity to explore some of the truly amazing places to be discovered around the British Isles or even abroad” – Ray Mears, survival and wilderness expert

In a recent survey of over 600 DofE Leaders and volunteers, nearly a quarter said they start talking about expedition preparation with their group in September and over 90% share one or more DofE expedition downloads with their participants.

Here’s a reminder of our fantastic expedition downloads available to support you and your group prepare for and complete the Expedition section.

The DofE Expedition Kit Guide

This guide is aimed at helping participants and their parents to choose and find the right kit for DofE expeditions.

The Expedition Kit Guide covers all personal and group kit, along with key information, expert tips and money saving ideas. The guide is aimed at those doing walking expeditions, but some information is also relevant for those canoeing, cycling and using other modes of transport for their expedition.

Download the DofE Expedition Kit Guide

The Expedition Kit List

Having the right equipment is vital for expedition safety, your groups’ wellbeing and making the journey comfortable and enjoyable.

The Expedition Kit List is the essential checklist when preparing the kit needed for a DofE expedition. All DofE Recommended Kit has been tested by the DofE to be good value for money and fit for purpose.

Participants can tick off what they’ve already got and what they still need to get.

The list is to be used as a guide only and there is no obligation to buy the specific items we recommend.

Download the DofE Expedition Kit List

The DofE Interactive Kit List

The DofE Interactive Kit List is a free online tool for participants to plan and personalise their expedition kit on their mobile, laptop or tablet.

Start them off in your group meeting and then they can update at home.

The interactive kit list can be used throughout their expedition planning, so they can note what they need to bring, what they need to borrow and buy, right up to listing what they have packed.

Once complete, a participant can also print and email the list to their parents, group or Leader.

Get the DofE Interactive Kit List

‘How to pack your rucksack’ poster

Fitting everything that’s needed for an expedition into a rucksack can be a huge challenge.

Key tips for packing a rucksack include packing heavy gear close to the back to help with balance and packing the same way each time so you know where kit is.

This poster gives advice on what to pack where.

Download the ‘How to pack your rucksack’ poster

Meal planner

Cooking meals together is one of the best team building activities of the Expedition section.

Getting teams to agree a menu, plan ingredients and cook from scratch are all excellent life skills.

Use this simple meal planner for participants to plan what they’re going to eat and snack on to keep their energy levels up.

Download the expedition meal planner

Stove safety guide

The most popular stoves are those fuelled by gas or methylated spirits.

Participants need to be well trained and experienced in using cooking stoves in the outdoors before going on expedition.

This download includes instructions on handling fuel, fuelling and refuelling the stove.

Download the stove safety guide

For more expedition kit advice, visit DofE Shopping.