Blog 14.09.2018

Expedition preparation for DofE participants

DofE expeditions provide a unique reason and opportunity to explore some of the truly amazing places to be discovered around the British Isles or even abroad” – Ray Mears, survival and wilderness expert

To help you get ready for your expeditions, we’ve pulled together our most popular expedition kit resources so you know what kit you need and why.

These expedition downloads cover:

  • What kit you need and what to look for
  • Expedition kit recommended by the DofE
  • A free online tool to plan and personalise your own kit list
  • Advice on how to pack your rucksack
  • An easy way to plan your meals so you don’t go hungry
  • Safety instructions on how to use a camping stove

The DofE Expedition Kit Guide

The first thing you’ll need to know is what kit to take on your expedition.

This guide is here to help you choose and find the right kit for you.

From what goes on your feet to what you’ll keep all your kit in, the Expedition Kit Guide offers key information, expert tips and money saving ideas.

Although this guide is aimed at walking expeditions, some information will be relevant whether you’re canoeing, cycling or travelling a different way for your expedition.

Download the DofE Expedition Kit Guide

The Expedition Kit List

The Expedition Kit List is the essential checklist when preparing what kit you need.

All DofE Recommended Kit has been tested by the DofE, so you know it’s fit for expedition.

You can tick off what you’ve already got and what you still need to get.

The kit list is a guide – you should always check with your Leader that your kit is suitable for your particular expedition.

Download the DofE Expedition Kit List

The DofE Interactive Kit List

Use the DofE Interactive Kit List on your mobile to create and update your personal expedition kit. Cross items off as you buy them and see what you still need to get.

Choose what kit you need by selecting your Award level, gender, whether you’re still growing and your budget to find the right kit for you.

Once complete, you can print it out and email the list to your parents, group or Leader.

Get the DofE Interactive Kit List

‘How to pack your rucksack’ poster

Fitting everything you need for an expedition into your rucksack can be a huge challenge.

Get into good habits to take the pain out of packing:

  • Pack the same way each time
  • Make logical groups – today’s food, tomorrow’s clothes
  • Keep stuff you’ll use a lot close to the top of the bag
  • Pack heavy gear closer to your back to help your balance
  • Don’t carry more than 25% of your body weight

This poster gives advice on what to pack where.

Download the ‘How to pack your rucksack’ poster

Meal planner

Eating the right food will help you enjoy your expedition. It’s a chance to be creative, and to understand more about rationing and outdoor survival.

Agreeing a menu, planning ingredients and cooking from scratch with your DofE group are all excellent life skills.

Use this simple meal planner to plan what you’re going to eat and snack on to keep your energy levels up.

Download the expedition meal planner

Stove safety guide

You’ll need to cook a hot meal during your DofE expedition and show that you can use a cooking stove or ‘campcraft’ effectively in the wild.

Your stove will use gas or methylated spirits as fuel. Whichever one you have, you must have had training before you use it on your own.

This download includes instructions on handling fuel, fuelling and refuelling the stove.

Download the stove safety guide

For more expedition kit advice, visit DofE Shopping.