Blog 17.04.2019

How do DofE expedition kit partners help the environment?

Our DofE expedition kit partners are proud to support the DofE. They are all inspired by the great outdoors and encourage people to get outside, however they also work hard to be responsible businesses and to respect our planet.

In this time of ‘fast fashion’, find out how our expedition kit partners are taking positive steps to make DofE recommended kit better for the environment.


Vango are the DofE recommended kit partner for tents, rucksacks, sleeping bags and boots.

They have eliminated the use of acids and other corrosive materials in the production of alloy poles in DofE recommended tents.

You can reduce the impact on the environment, and save money by repairing tents if possible, rather than going straight to replacing them.

Camping Spares and Repairs by Vango can repair all brands of tents, small and large, and even awnings. Camping Recycled are passionate about giving outdoor kit a second life. They refurbish tents and awnings and, if they are beyond repair, strip off every component that they can and use those parts to repair other tents and awnings which are then sold on.


Craghoppers are the DofE recommended kit partner for expedition clothing, including jackets, fleeces and trousers.

All Craghoppers’ durable water repellent (DWR) finishes, which you find on waterproof jackets and trousers and their trekking trousers, are now free of perfluorocarbons (PFC).  PFC is a persistent pollutant that doesn’t break down when released into the environment.

Craghoppers also only use synthetic fill instead of down in their insulated garments. All Craghoppers clothing, including DofE recommended kit, is guaranteed for life, and they offer free replacements for any faulty products.

The Craghoppers’ Honesty Project focuses on creating products that have been engineered for the great outdoors and will hopefully enhance the lives of those involved with their business. They have also been members of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) since 2012, ensuring workers in their partner factories are treated fairly.

Lifesystems and Lifeventure

Lifeventure and Lifesystems are DofE recommended kit partners for first aid kits, water bottles, sun cream and other accessories.

Lifeventure and Lifesystems have been committed to reducing their environmental impact for over five years. Their products are built to last, using high quality components to create products that will last way beyond their expected lifetime.

Two thirds of the Lifeventure and Lifesystems products on the DofE Expedition Kit List are made in the UK, reducing their carbon footprint.

They have set themselves the goal to have no plastic packaging on Lifeventure products by 2020, and Lifesystems products by 2021.


Nikwax is the DofE recommended kit partner for waterproofing and cleaning products.

All Nikwax products, including those recommended by the DofE, are environmentally safe, come in recyclable bottles and enhance the performance and useable life of your gear.

Environmental issues have been fundamental to Nikwax since they launched in 1977. Nikwax is the global leader in high performance, PFC free, water-based cleaning, conditioning and waterproofing products, has never used aerosols, and always avoided using chlorofluorocarbons ( CFCs), which damage the ozone layer.

Since 2007, Nikwax have been calculating their primary carbon dioxide emissions and offsetting them by donating to World Land Trust’s (WLT) Carbon Balanced Programme.

Find out more about Nikwax’s environmentally friendly principles.


Bridgedale is the DofE recommended kit partner for walking socks and liners.

Bridgedale’s single biggest goal has always been to make their socks as durable as can be whilst delivering the comfort they are known for. A single pair of Bridgedale socks will last nearly 5-10 times longer than a modern trail sock.

Bridgedale operate their own factories in Northern Ireland, enabling complete control of their own corporate, social and environmental responsibilities.

In 2012, they reduced their packaging by 40% and removed all solid plastic parts from their core range.

Over the last four years, Bridgedale have also supported Mountain Rescue teams by donating socks, and regularly support homeless and disaster charities with sock donations.


Trangia is the DofE recommended kit partner for cooking stoves.

At Trangia, quality includes dedicated development in all areas, including choice of material, manufacturing, design, performance and safety.

The whole business, including manufacturing, is based in Jämtland, north Sweden, optimising production for the environment.

Packaging is manufactured from environmentally approved cardboard and is 100% recyclable. Even the water used during surface treatment undergoes total purification before leaving the factory.

Trangia is a proud supporter of the non-profit design studio billionBricks who provide shelter to the homeless and sponsor 80 all-weather emergency tents for families living on the streets in India.


Buff is the DofE recommended kit partner for head and neck wear.

Buff’s love for the environment is the heart of their selection of materials and production processes.

In August 2018, they launched their new Original Multifunctional Headwear – this new innovative fabric is made from an exclusive microfibre obtained by clear plastic recycled bottles supplied and certified by Repreve®.

Since 2013, BUFF HQ in Spain has been a summit member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association. Buff has also entirely funded eight projects since 2011 including the ‘Heart of Scotland Forestry Project’ in 2016.

Find out more about Buff’s environmental projects.

How can you help?

Look after your outdoor kit. It will make it last longer, meaning you need to replace it less. You’ll save money and help the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling.

To see what products the DofE recommends from each of our expedition kit partners, download the Expedition Kit List.