Blog 03.04.2019

Smarter teams

Getting involved with the DofE is a great team builder – for participants and volunteers alike. We’ve seen an increase recently in schools getting DofE Clothing. Here’s why, from four DofE volunteers…

Why did you order DofE Clothing?

“I ordered them as I think it adds value to our provision – it’s a small gesture that goes a long way. DofE Clothing rewards the staff for volunteering and makes them feel part of the team. It motivates the kids who wear it with pride, and promotes the DofE when people see 80 kids from our school in their DofE t-shirts.” said Patrick Tasker, DofE Leader at Manor CE Academy, York.

Tom Hancock, DofE Administrator at Ralph Allen School, Bath agrees, “It demonstrates the professional approach we take to delivering the DofE and the value the school places in the outdoor education of our students”.

Schools have found that the clothing appeals to, and bonds, their groups. Joe Stevens, DofE Manager at Highcliffe School, Dorset says: “The hoodies for students were relatively cheap, with a big range, and we thought that they would feel a bit more part of it and together as a team.”

Jo Dobson, DofE Co-ordinator at The Langley Academy, Berkshire, adds “We often do hoodies for residentials outside of DofE, so I decided to gauge interest. All participants and volunteers paid for their hoodies, although volunteers were partially subsidised as a thank you.”

Did you add your school logo and get the clothing personalised?

Jo says, “Having The Langley Academy logo on our DofE hoodies means it is an official school hoodie and students can wear them during PE lessons and on sports days. We also have names on the back to help the volunteers learn the students’ names.”

“We ordered personalised t-shirts for each participant as part of their enrolment package, to help create a sense of team identity and spirit,” says Tom.

Colours and personalisation can be varied. “Our staff all had the same colour with just their names on them. However, we let the students choose their own colours, styles – and even group names.” said Joe.

Manor CE Academy had over 200 DofE participants, so they opted for t-shirts but with no personalisation for their students, to save staff time and cost.

What do the DofE participants and volunteers think about their DofE Clothing?

All four teachers said the students loved them, with Patrick saying his students were queuing up to get them. They also had great feedback from staff: “I see them wearing them regularly around school – and even out of school – as the garments are thick and warm. These were the official premium hoodie, they are thick and of excellent quality. I also ordered one of the technical t-shirts and I really like it.” ends Joe.

See the full DofE Clothing range and call 020 8569 2250 or email [email protected] for a group order quote.