Blog 23.09.2019

Thinking about your expedition?

We’ve pulled together our expedition kit resources, so you know what kit you need and why.

The resources cover:

  • What kit you need and what to look for
  • DofE recommended expedition kit
  • A free online tool to plan and personalise your own kit list on the go
  • How to look after your feet before, during and after your expedition
  • How to pack your rucksack properly
  • How to make the most of your cooking equipment
  • How to protect yourself from the weather
  • A guide to planning your meals
  • How to use a camping stove safely

The DofE Expedition Kit Guide

It’s important you know what kit to take on your expedition. Our guide will help you to choose and find the right kit.

From walking boots to rucksacks, it offers you helpful information, expert tips and money saving ideas.

It’s aimed at those doing expeditions on foot; however, some information will still be useful across all methods of transportation.

Download the DofE Expedition Kit Guide

The DofE Expedition Kit List

The DofE Kit List will help you work out what expedition kit you have, what you need and where to get it.

All of our Recommended Kit on the DofE Kit List has been tried and tested, so you know it’s fit for expedition.

The Kit List is a guide – you should always check with your Leader that your kit is suitable for your specific expedition.

Download the DofE Expedition Kit List

The DofE Interactive Kit List

Use the Interactive Kit List on your mobile or computer to tick items off as you get them, see what you still need to buy and then what you’ve packed.

Once complete, you can print it out and email it to your parents, group or Leader.

Get the DofE Interactive Kit List

‘How to pack your rucksack’ poster

Fitting everything you need for an expedition into your rucksack can be a challenge and it’s important you pack logically.

This poster gives advice on what to pack where, to ensure everything fits and stays dry.

Download the how to pack your rucksack poster

‘Looking after your feet on expedition’ poster

Most DofE expeditions are on foot, so getting the right walking boots will make a big difference to your journey and level of enjoyment.

This poster gives advice on how to look after your feet before, during and after an expedition.

Download the looking after your feet on expedition poster

‘Eating on a DofE expedition’ poster

Choosing the right food will help you enjoy your expedition and knowing what to cook and how is key.

This poster gives advice on what kit we recommend preventing you getting hungry on expedition.

Download the eating on a DofE expedition poster

‘Waterproofing and weather protection’ poster

Keeping dry on expedition is important and will help keep you comfortable.

This poster gives advice on how to look after your kit, and yourself, in hot, cold, wet or windy weather.

Download the waterproofing and weather protection poster

Expedition Meal Planner

Eating the right food will give you the energy you need throughout your expedition.

Agreeing a menu, planning ingredients and cooking from scratch with your group are all excellent life skills.

Use our simple meal planner to plan breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for each day of your expedition.

Download the expedition meal planner

Stove safety guide

You’ll need to cook a hot meal during your DofE expedition and show you can use a cooking stove or ‘campcraft’ effectively.

Whether your stove uses gas or methylated spirits as fuel, you must have had training before you use it on your own.

Our stove safety guide covers instructions on handling fuel, fuelling and refuelling the stove.

Download the stove safety guide

For more expedition kit advice, visit our Expedition Kit resources