Blog 14.10.2019

What to look for in a DofE tent

For most expeditions, DofE teams decide to use lightweight camping options as it enhances the sense of adventure and self-reliance.

DofE recommended tents come in a range of different sizes and layouts, for groups of two to four people.  With different styles of tents available including tunnel, geodesic and semi geodesic – it’s important to find the right tent for you and your participants’ expeditions.

Whilst it might seem like similar tents have very different prices, what you’re paying for are things you can’t see, like double stitching, tensioning, waterproofing and lighter materials.

All DofE recommended tents are lightweight, strong and very waterproof with a hydrostatic head (HH) of 5,000mm.

Find out what each of the different DofE recommended tent ranges offer, and what’s best for you and your group.

Trek Experience Range

The Vango Trek Experience range offers trusted kit you can rely on for anyone’s first steps into the wild. This is a great entry-level range that offers many of the key features found in more advanced tents and are ideal for those new to camping or shorter Bronze expeditions.

What does the Trek Experience range offer?

  • Quick pitch
  • Small pack size
  • Low weight
  • Lowest price – from £90

The Vango Scafell features two identical poles, with added strength thanks to its TBS II and Gothic Arch poles. A favourite for those looking to pitch quickly.

Other tents in the Vango Trek Experience range include the Nevis and Helvellyn tents.

Trek Pro Range

The Vango Trek Pro range focuses on functionality to ensure everything you need is on hand when you need it most. This range is lightweight and durable for wherever your multiday expeditions take you.

What does the Trek Pro range offer?

  • High-quality Duraflex and Line-Lok components
  • Yunan poles
  • Large porches
  • Mid-range price – from £180

The Tempest Pro features an innovative venting system, ensuring a fresh flow of air throughout the tent, helping to reduce condensation. It offers a front-facing porch to store all your kit.

Other tents in the Vango Trek Pro range include the PulsarMirage and Banshee.

Trek Basecamp Range

The Basecamp range has been designed to provide a comfortable place to sleep, plan adventures or wait out storms with flexible additional living space, making them ideal for DofE groups or Leaders.

What does the Trek Basecamp range offer?

TBS and ProTex Haven fabric
Highest levels and waterproof and strength
Increased internal size
Higher price – from £220

The Vango Omega offers everything you need for longer expeditions and high usage of kit. With a large living area, the Omega allows you and your team to have extra space if needed.

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