news 19 March 2024 By Ruth Marvel, CEO

CEO Ruth Marvel supports Our Generation. Our Vote

Three young people sitting on a wall in front of a church. They are all laughing and making eye contact with each other.

As the General Election gets closer, it’s crucial that young people are listened to. Yet recent research from a coalition of the UK’s youth and education organisations has found that only one in ten children believe that politicians prioritise their needs. Reacting to these findings, DofE CEO Ruth Marvel said:

“It’s disheartening to hear that so many young people today feel ignored by those in power. However, it is also encouraging to find that so many young people want to be heard and involved in the decisions that affect their lives.

“As we approach the next general election, it is crucial that all politicians listen to young people and put their needs at the heart of the policy that affects them – like investing in enrichment and youth work that helps build young people’s skills, confidence and resilience and supports positive mental health.”

The DofE is supporting Our Generation. Our Vote. The largest of its kind election for children and young people, which will give under 18-year-olds across England and Wales the opportunity to cast their vote through their school or youth group for political candidates in their constituencies, with results to be announced ahead of the General Election later this year. The project will be run through schools and youth groups and aims to teach young people about politics and democracy, whilst also carving out an important space for young voices ahead of the general election.

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