12 January 2024

Doing DofE helped Jack find a sport he was passionate about

Finding a new sport that you love is one of the advantages of the Physical section of the DofE Award, as Jack, 15, has found.

The Silver participant at Hadley Learning Community in Telford, wasn’t that active before he started his DofE journey, but tried dodgeball for his Bronze level Award, and then switched to volleyball when it came to the Silver.

Jack, said:

“Ever since I have started doing the DofE I’ve been active with generally being more physical and wanting to be out in the world.”

“I liked to play [dodgeball] a little bit before – it’s difficult to learn at first but once you practice it, it will stay with you for life. I liked getting to know new people and doing the sport I enjoy.”

“Doing the Physical section was tough at first but persevering paid off. Not being able to throw the ball as hard and as accurately as I could was challenging, but when I got the practice in, it paid off.”

“Just keep trying and never give up. If you do feel like you are going to give up, don’t, and just keep pushing.”

“My friends are also a lot more resilient than they were before and they want to do the same as me. They want to be out in the world and to tackle new challenges which they haven’t seen before. It’s brought a lot more into my life than I had before I started doing the DofE!”

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