10 January 2024

Isaac used his DofE programme to accelerate his athletic talents

Although Isaac was already active before doing his DofE, taking part in his Bronze DofE Award helped him set new goals for his athletics training. 

Isaac, 16, took part in sprint training with his local club, Telford AC three times a week for his physical section and even though he was already strong in this area, he still felt the benefits. 

Isaac, who is now doing his Silver level with Wrekin College, said: “I’ve been involved in athletics since I was about 10 so I wanted to use this for my DofE. I wanted to use this for my physical as I compete at a decent level so I knew I could stick at it.”

“I’ve quite enjoyed all of it really, the routine of doing the physical activity, the group has also expanded so I’ve enjoyed the social aspect too. Because I already enjoy Athletics, my motivation has stayed high for the whole period, but I could see if my motivation was to drop, it would be encouraged by knowing what I have to complete with my DofE.”

Isaac was selected for a number of competitions through his hard work and dedication, and this has meant he’s met lots of new people during his Award. 

He said: “I met some top athletes my age and older and younger, the people coming, the people breaking club records, I’ve met new people by achieving a higher standard.

“I would say it was definitely my favourite section (excluding the expedition) because it was something I knew I would enjoy doing. I also enjoyed volunteering, which I wasn’t doing so much before, and my skill was learning Spanish.”

The impact that it has had is definitely beneficial and I would say that it has definitely encouraged me, my motivation didn’t drop outside of the DofE for Athletics but if it had it would definitely encourage me to continue.”

Isaac has this advice for anyone who lacks confidence when it comes to starting physical activity for their Bronze Award: 

“The advice I would give really is just to get involved. It’s not just physical activity, it’s social activity too! You can join a team, football, cricket, netball, a rugby team and so for the physical – it’s about getting up, getting out there and doing it, going out with mates, or doing it by yourself and getting up and having a run or whatever it is you choose. I would just say get involved really!”

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