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Nottingham Trent University – Digital Fine Art for 16 – 17 Year Olds – July 2024

Monday to Friday 10 am – 4 pm, one week

This course will develop your understanding of the digital fine art world with a focus on creativity, portfolio building, and experimentation.

Spending time exploring digital art, you will work with digital collage, video effects, photogrammetry (3D scanning), 3D animation, projection mapping and installation using projectors, TVs and lights.

During the course you will:

focus on practical projects and the appreciation of art

be encouraged to bring in and discuss your favourite creative inspirations

learn new digital art techniques

look at industry standard design tools and open-source alternatives

learn how the installation of the artwork can alter the work and its interpretation

learn about the ways assets can be created digitally, from concept to final product.

Having several mini projects to contend with (including building your own mini portfolio), you’ll also be expected to work collectively on a group project which might be to create a digital art installation, or a digital collage using a range of outputs.

You’ll naturally have different ways of creating art so the challenge of the group project will be to bring all of the pieces together in a coherent style as industry would expect.

Course date:
Course location:
Nottingham Trent University
Course fee:
£525.00 + £230.00 for accommodation booked separately (£200 Deposit Option Available)

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